Why can I not copy files to my external hard drive?

Answer XP==NTFS.4VISTA==NTFS.5(but can be upgrade)Windows 7==NTFS.6once a drive is written to by w7 or vista, XP cannot understand it fully and wontbe able to write to it.things can only get worse in W8fo... Read More »

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How to Copy Files to an External Hard Drive?

From time to time, you may need to back up some of your important files. One major convenient method is to use an external hard drive, which is purchasable from many websites and computer stores.

How to Copy a Movie From a CD to an External Hard Drive?

If you have a data CD that contains video or movie files, such as AVI, WMV or MPG, you may want to copy them to your hard drive. Running video files from CDs is often quite flawed due to CD drive e... Read More »

If i add an external hard drive to my lap top can i copy EVERYTHING over so i have a perfect backup?

First of all you should buy an external hard drive that has more storage capacity than your laptop's.After that you will need an imaging program to make the copy (simply copying everything won't me... Read More »

Can you copy programs from a direct tv dvr to an external hard drive?