Why burn injury is always mentioned in percentage?

Answer Not always.Only when the burn is extensive and lots of body is burned then they would say 25% or 50% or 95% Second or Third degree burn (or combinations there of as the case may be). This percentag... Read More »

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You're the first to arrive at the scene of a vehicle accident and are assessing a burn victim The victim has blisters deep redness around the burn and shiny skin You classify the injury as a?

Ways to burn fat whiteout running due to a knee Injury?

If you can't run, try using the elliptical machines in the gym. They give good cardio workouts without pounding on your leg joints. However, they stress the thighs if done properly. Also try the... Read More »

Period of time after an injury in which a burn patient is able to receive grafts?

they are still possible, but they may be rejected even with anti rejecting drugs

What would happen if you put ocean water on a wound/open injury and burn?

Ocean water will kill the germs and disinfect the wound but it will make it burn badly but makes you feel good after the pain is gone!