Why blue ray spelled blu ray?

Answer The most comfortable 3D television is a matter of personal preference. Every viewer has an opinion about which model they prefer. If you are considering the purchase of a 3D television, it is impor... Read More »

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Why is bytes spelled b-y-t-e?

"The term byte was coined by Dr. Werner Buchholz in July 1956, during the early design phase for the IBM Stretch computer. It is a deliberate respelling of bite to avoid accidental mutation to bit.... Read More »

Why is google now spelled googlle?

I miss spelled cheeseburger?

You didn't misspell cheeseburger, but you misspelled misspell. It's one word.

How do I Convert a Phonetically Spelled Word?

Learning the phonetic alphabet helps language learners and antive speakers alike pronounce unfamiliar words. English speakers also find it useful for pronouncing unfamiliar technical and academic t... Read More »