Why blood comes today while brushing the teeth if yesterday we forgot to brush ?

Answer The acids and bacteria in plaque irritate your gums so when you forget to brush/dont spend enougb time brushing and dont floss to remove the plaque away from your gumline it will cause them to beco... Read More »

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Every time i brush my teeth i see blood ,even when i eat apples or bite something i see blood stains?

You have weak gums, just use a toothbrush with soft bristles, look for the "soft" on the packaging. Continue to floss and brush your teeth with toothpaste even if there is blood because you still n... Read More »

I spit blood when brushing my teeth, does this mean I'm going to become a flesh eating zombie?

That...Or Gingivitis, I have the same thing. Or maybe...Just to be safe, lock yourself in a room for a few weeks, alone.

Did you brush your teeth today?

who would give a 'thumbs down' to somebody who said that they did brush their teeth today!? whoever did that's a complete idiot... and yes, i have brushed my teeth today. so go ahead and give a 'th... Read More »

How many times did you brush your teeth today?