Why balsam fruit disperse seeds by splitting?

Answer There is no explaination. It is just a way that plants reproduce, eg. splitting open forcefully, by water, by wind, or by animals. That's all.

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Why does a plant's fruit help disperse seeds?

In order to ensure that their seeds spread, plants have ways of helping them get to other places. If they did not spread seeds, the new plants would compete for water and sunlight and fail to grow.... Read More »

How do lemon seeds disperse?

The seeds are inside the fruit (the lemon) and when a creature eats this fruit, the plant hopes it will also eat the seed and then excrete it somewhere else helping that plant to move around.

What are some examples of seeds that disperse by explosion?

When seeds are dispersed by explosion, the force of the explosion sends seeds scattering in all different directions. The following is a list of plants in which this method of dispersal occurs: Bro... Read More »

Ways That Plants Disperse Their Seeds?

Plants disperse their seeds so that they can reproduce. Seed dispersal is critical to the future of each plant species. Plants use different strategies to disperse their seeds. These strategies var... Read More »