Why bad breath though I brush my teath regularly.?

Answer Are you cleaning your tongue? Your tongue has the most bacteria and it's important to clean it every day. Do you floss? If not, you need to start.

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Why is it that I still get bad breath a few minutes after I brush my teeth?

Check with your dentist for a possible gingivitis (gum disease).And are you sure it's from your mouth and not your stomach?Use salt water as a gargle. keep for 1 minute then spit out.

Why does my breath smell bad, even after I brush my teeth?

There are many reasons for bad breath. It is an indication of a health issue and your body trying to tell you something.I used to have this problem and solved it through changing toothpaste, floss... Read More »

What can I do about bad breath I floss, brush, and drink plenty of water...i have no cavities that i know of!?

This is going to be gross, but someone's gotta tell ya. It might be your tonsils. Are your tonsils producing too much protein? Do you have sinus problems? Sometimes you can get a thick build up in ... Read More »

What can i do to get rid of bad breath I brush,floss,use mouth wash nothing helps,i don't smok?

Do you drink enough water?Sometimes, people who don't drink enough water (or drink enough of anything) have bad breath. Try drinking a few cups (ideally, everyone should drink about 8 a day) of wat... Read More »