Why baby passed out motion when fed with small carrot cubes?

Answer the baby was probably starting to choke and becomeing unable to breath

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When making Ice Cubes, should I use hot or cold water to begin with?

Start with cold water, it is a myth that hot water freezes faster.They actually had a show on it on Myth Busters.

If your 8-month-old baby has been diagnosed with a viral infection and given penicillin can this be passed on to other children in the meantime?

Answer My answer is a question: why has your doctor provided antibiotics for a viral infection. Antibiotics do not fight viruses. Answer I agree, antibiotics do not affect viruses, so the answer is... Read More »

When did Isaac Newton come up with his Laws of Motion?

Sir Isaac Newton was reportedly about 43 years old when he developed the Three Laws of Motion and he published his ideas in 1686 in the "Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis."References:Nat... Read More »

I was crossing the road when a car passed me driven by a lady with a veil on and only two eyes showing.?

I wear the face veil it is know as the 'Niqaab'.I am learning to drive and by no means does it restrict me in my driving, lol there is not a steel rod or something attached to the side of my face w... Read More »