Why baby food is often soft and mushy?

Answer Because babies often do not have TEETH so they dont have to chew.

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Which type of food-particles (hard / crunchy or soft / mushy) causes more dental problems?

Soft/mushy foods get in all areas of your teeth in crevices and pit and fissure (anatomy of teeth) areas while chewing. The best thing to do is swish and rinse with water after eating these kinds... Read More »

What goes in pink and hard and comes out soft and mushy?

Why does canned food always come out mushy?

The reason for that is because the food is cooked near to death before it is put in the can, so it was mushy before it even got there.

What is the soft food diet?

An adult "soft food" diet is somewhat different from what a baby is served while growing and developing its digestive system. It is generally prepared manually, as adult "soft diet" food rarely com... Read More »