Why babies sleep after breastfeeding?

Answer its not just breast feeding. they sleep after you feed them in general. the warmth of the food just makes them go to sleep and when they sleep it helps them digest

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Breastfeeding moms of toddlers and babies?

My daughter also uses nursies but alot of the time will just start sucking when her brother does. We nurse in public alot and i don't cover up unless i think she is gonna latch off.

Do you agree with breastfeeding OTHER people's babies?

To physically breastfed someone else's child would be a little creepy to me.However I think women who donate breast milk to hospitals are kick azz people. Some people use other women's breast milk ... Read More »

How come the AAP condones breastfeeding until 2 years of age for breastfed babies?

because breast milk changes on a daily basis for years as your child's needs change. if your baby is sick it becomes more watery and helps with dehydration (a big reason i HATE when docs discourage... Read More »

Do babies sleep better when they eat more during the day?

There is no proof that a baby sleeps better when he eats more during the day. From birth to approximately four months of age, an infant requires feedings of breast milk or formula around every thre... Read More »