Why ask questions on here when you could just GOOGLE something?

Answer because this is more fun and u can get alittle explanation on some things ..

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Why do people post questions on yahoo answers when they could just google it or look it up on wikipedia?

People are getting tired of 'automated' services (like telephone "menus") which lead round and round, and don't give fast results.Google, if you can phrase your query correctly, does a fine job, bu... Read More »

Why do some people ask questions on here that they could easily google?

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy! By the way, can you tell me how many ounces there are in a cup? Thanks!

If we are here on Yahoo, why do some suggest others "google" something.?

because we are suggesting that you use the f-ing Google. not not yahoo search. not the default engine that came with your crappy dial up connection. But Google, the best, most intuitive se... Read More »

Would Google be able to answer most peoples questions on here?

Not really, this shows the opinions of many people so you can make decisions. google is more factual. Factual questions can go to google.