Why arnt add on fans working for my laptop?

Answer Too late. Should have had the problem fixed when it started, instead of messing with it, If the fan on the board is holding down voltage because it is not working correctly this will stop the USB. ... Read More »

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My motherboard is beeping, fans working but no video?

It's not uncommon to not put RAM in correctly. Make sure the little snappy things on the side are in the notches in the side of the RAM sticks.You may also have somehow shocked things in your compu... Read More »

About fans on a laptop, concerned about it?

I don't think replacing the fan will work dear. What about external laptop fans that can help regulate the heat? I recently have this problem about the fan inside my laptop. But no, I don't hit it ... Read More »

I need my Laptop fans cleaned?

Contact Toshiba support to locate a authorized repair center in your area or take to any computer center. Try blowing the dust and lint out using canned compressed air made for cleaning electronic.... Read More »

What is the best way to clean fans on a laptop.?

Normally, i just use a can of Dust Remover, and it works just fine.