Why aren't you supposed to put metal in the microwave?

Answer The reason you aren't supposed to do this is because the intense electric field can induce a voltage in the metal, causing it to spark to the inside of the oven and damage the paint. It won't damag... Read More »

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If you aren't supposed to heat metal in the microwave, how come the interior is made of metal?

The metal in a microwave oven does not react because the edges are smooth. You could place a plain spoon with Absolutely no decoration in a nuker and it will not spark. But if you place a fork in t... Read More »

Why can't we put metal in a microwave oven, even though the inside of the microwave is all metal?

Because the inside of the oven is designed to reflect and concentrate the microwaves where they want them. Metal you put inside would reflect the waves unpredictably and could cause very high level... Read More »

Why are we not supposed to put styrofoam in the microwave?

as the food gets hot the styrofoam it is touching can melt!! Melted styrofoam does taste nasty.Also styrofoam will not allow the food to heat evenly as it is to keep either heat or cold inside it.

What is the metal rack in the microwave for?

The metal rack included with most microwave ovens has a variety of uses. The rack can be used for defrosting meats without having to turn the meat over. It can also be used for cooking multiple ite... Read More »