Why aren't trucks front-wheel drive?

Answer Vehicle dynamics are a complicated issue, but some are simpler than others. Trucks are rear- or four-wheel drive almost by definition, primarily because front-wheel drive would make them almost use... Read More »

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Are two-wheel drive Nissan trucks front wheel drive?

Both the smaller Nissan Frontier and larger Nissan Titan are rear wheel drive trucks when offered in two-wheel-drive configurations. Both of these trucks are also offered with a four-wheel-drive op... Read More »

Is the 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive?

The 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS is a front-wheel drive vehicle. This means it has a transversely-mounted engine and the front wheels "pull" the vehicle, rather than the rear wheels "pushing" it. In the ... Read More »

What is the difference between front-wheel drive& rear-wheel drive?

Historically, most cars were rear-wheel drive. Then in the 1970s, in an effort to save weight and fuel, manufacturers began switching to front-wheel drive. A side benefit was added traction in wet ... Read More »

How to Replace Front Wheel Bearings in Nissan Trucks?

A wheel bearing carries the weight of the wheel and helps to prevent excessive wear on the spindle or driveshaft. When a wheel bearing begins to wear out on your Nissan truck and is ready to fail, ... Read More »