Why aren't there ever any shrubs under coniferous trees?

Answer The needles of the conifers form a acid mulch that does not suit many plants although some grow around the edge of the canopy.

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What is the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees?

Coniferous trees had needles. These would include Spruce and Pine Trees.Deciduous trees have leaves. These would includ Oak, Elm, and Maple trees.

Coniferous Trees That Shed Needles?

Conifers are named for the trait of bearing their seeds in cones. Most coniferous trees retain their needlelike leaves for several years instead of dropping them annually. But a small group of dec... Read More »

Deer Resistant Coniferous Trees?

While no plants are 100 percent deer-resistant, many plants come close. Deer may avoid a certain plant because it is poisonous or because they don't like the taste of it, but if there is little foo... Read More »

Why are coniferous trees green all year long?

Coniferous trees, other than those that are deciduous such as the baldcypress tree [Taxodium distichum] look green all year long because they drop and regrow their foliage in the course of more tha... Read More »