Why aren't the six legs of an insect always identical?

Answer Although all insects have six legs, in some species the legs have specialized functions, and all six legs will not be identical. Certain legs may be designed to help the insect move, grasp, eat, cl... Read More »

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Arent consults for braces always free?

That is up to the dentist or orthodontist. Call and ask! Most do offer a free consultation, in my experience.

What insect has ears on its legs?

Crickets have ears on their front legs. The ears are located beneath a membrane called the tympanum. Katydids also have ears on their legs. Other insects may have ears in the chest area or the abdo... Read More »

Why do my legs and feet always get sharp pains?

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My legs are always tired. Possible reasons?

Yes. I promise you it definitely is. I myself had the same problems,I'm 16 as well I had the same thing in my arms and legs! And it was from pure stress! I was so scared, an I'm going tell you to ... Read More »