Why aren't the six legs of an insect always identical?

Answer Although all insects have six legs, in some species the legs have specialized functions, and all six legs will not be identical. Certain legs may be designed to help the insect move, grasp, eat, cl... Read More »

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What insect has ears on its legs?

Crickets have ears on their front legs. The ears are located beneath a membrane called the tympanum. Katydids also have ears on their legs. Other insects may have ears in the chest area or the abdo... Read More »

If identical twin brothers married identical twin sisters, would their kids look thesame?

They would like brothers and sisters, and if a DNA tests was done they would come back as brothers ans sisters since their mothers and their fathers have identical DNA.

If identical twins had babies with identical twins, would the children be biologically siblings?

Biologically they'd be full siblings, if their twin parents married singlets their cousins would be biologically half siblings.

I broke my ankle 6 months ago and tried to work and i cant stand on my legs for more than 4 hours my legs hurt?

Your muscles could be regressed. Like not strong like before. Is it a sharp pain or like generalized muscle soreness?If it hurts where it was broke prior you may want to see your dr. and get repe... Read More »