Why aren't the people I remove from my Skype group being removed?

Answer Did you remove him from the group only? If he is also in your contact removing him from your group isn't enough. You'll also have to remove him from your contact once and for all.

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Will people who are removed from a secret FB group be notified?

No, they wont see the group page like before.. only some info they will see. they wont notified about removal.

How to Remove People From Conversations on Skype?

When you open a chat window in Skype and invite other users into the chat, you're given a set of administrative powers accessible through commands typed into the chat box. Two such commands exist f... Read More »

Can you see if someone is online on Skype if they removed you from their contacts?

No, you can't. Either they are online or offline all you see will be a gray "?" next to their name

On AIM, Is there a way to add people from one group to another while keeping them in the original group?

Yeah.. if you open a box to IM them, there is that little add buddy icon (It's the yellow guy with a + I think) and if you hit that, and then pick the group, it will add to that one too. =)