Isn't it getting a little pointless that 8 in 20 Questions on answers is looking for a quick weight loss fix?

Answer Hi darling. Terrible isn't it. I gave up answering in the diet and fitness section months ago. Sooner or later people will have to start realising that there is no substitute for good old fashioned... Read More »

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Ipod headphones arent getting loud anymore?

You may have blown the speakers in your headphones. I often have that problem. Most likely, you'll just have to buy another pair because you can't fix that yourself.

How much HDD space do you think that all the questions and answers stored on yahoo answers takes up?

Yahoo is huge and Yahoo answers get's a ton of traffic and by a ton I mean a TON. I own my own web company and I have forums/message boards that take up easily 8-10 gigs of space just for the MYSQ... Read More »

What does meat have that vegetarians arent getting?

"besides protein and B-12."You do know that lentils have more protein per 100g than meat, right? And if you are a vegetarian you get B12 from eggs and cheese?The only thing I can think you might be... Read More »

Piercing Questions (Common answers for piercing questions here in YA)?

I'm nowhere near as educated on piercing as tattoos (and still there, I'm hardly a pro), but here's my try on what (little) I know. Obviously, if I'm wrong, please correct me.Piercing at home: Jus... Read More »