Why aren't my posts showing up on my profile?

Answer This is happening to me too. I have no idea why this is happening.EDIT: Now everything is gone :OEDIT: Everything is back.

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Why aren't my posts on Facebook showing up to other people?

you need to adjust the privacy settings for the app itselfgo to the page that has a list of your apps, and then click on edit for the one you have the problem with, then change it from only me to f... Read More »

Tumblr Tagged Posts not showing up in secondary blog?

How many tags are you using? Only the first five tags will show up in the tag search. The rest don't matter, they changed it a while ago due to spam. Also, say you tagged something "forest" five ti... Read More »

How do stop a friend's incessant picture posts from showing up in my news feed on Facebook?

If they have time (i'm pretty sure everyone is forced too by now), press on the friends button, and click show in news feed. It should be unticked when you click on it. Voila, said person doesn't s... Read More »

YouTube not showing my profile pic?

Sometimes when using your phone it might take longer to show up.I've had the same problem with lots of apps on my phone where I've uploaded a pic and it is still showing my older pic. Maybe give it... Read More »