Why aren't my breasts growing?

Answer Your body grows when it's supposed to not when you want it to.

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Could this be a sign of growing breasts?

Hahahaha why don't you go out yourself and work out a little instead? :P

My breasts aren't even growing!?

Hi Sweetie,You're still young, and your breasts may grow a little, a lot, or not at all. But the fact is, it truly doesn't matter when it comes to attracting guys. The main difference between you a... Read More »

Do the breasts become sensitive when growing?

There is no need for alarm or worry when breasts become sensitive when you are growing up. It is natural in young girls and even boys going through puberty, according to the National Institutes of ... Read More »

Does sore breasts mean they are growing?

Yes! And if they are sort of tingly and itchy then... Congrats! they are growing and so r u!