Why aren't i eating properly ?

Answer Most of the times they are mind things so have a few thought about that and how your schedule, or personal experiences may have changedDune

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Pages arent loading properly?

what type of connection do you have? if it is wireless then there might be interference from a cordless house phoneif it is not wireless and plugged in directly th modem then you should restart you... Read More »

Does anyone else think people with type 2 diabetes are just lazy and don't bother eating/exercising properly?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to type two. I wasn't particularly lazy, ate fairly well, and wasn't obese. The research I've read points to fat buildup in the cells as being the pri... Read More »

Why Arent Televisions Round?

Original CRT tubes were round, but the way in which the picture is scanned gives you a rectangle. EMI experimented with circular scanned pictures in the 1930s, but we're generally happier looking ... Read More »

What does meat have that vegetarians arent getting?

"besides protein and B-12."You do know that lentils have more protein per 100g than meat, right? And if you are a vegetarian you get B12 from eggs and cheese?The only thing I can think you might be... Read More »