Why aren't emeralds stones?

Answer Emeralds are in the beryl family of minerals. The rich green gemstones have been prized for thousands of years, with the mining of the precious stones tracing back to the ancient Egyptian Empire. T... Read More »

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Are emeralds delicate stones?

Emeralds are fragile because of the way they are grown as crystals. Sensitive to heat and contact damage like being knocked or hit, high quality emeralds are more valuable than diamonds. The delica... Read More »

Gall bladder stones V/s. kidney stones?

Doctors are really stupid about this. It has become easy to remove gall bladders like they used to remove tonsils. DO NOT have surgery and remove the gall bladder. Your troubles will just begin ... Read More »

Why arent i gaining muscle?

Look at your technique, try to improve it all the time, do each movement slowly up and slowly down, dont do it fast as momentum doesnt break the muscle fibres as much as doing it slowly, you might ... Read More »

Why Arent Televisions Round?

Original CRT tubes were round, but the way in which the picture is scanned gives you a rectangle. EMI experimented with circular scanned pictures in the 1930s, but we're generally happier looking ... Read More »