Why aren't antibiotics helping abscess tooth pain?

Answer Answer Antibiotics will help the pain in the long term, but for the current pain, take ibuprofen or whatever your dentist prescribed. If it's still very painful, call your dentist.

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What can i use to relieve toothache. Painkillers arent helping.?

It's time to go to see a Dentist! Why prolong it? If you dont enjoy the pain then why make yourself suffer? GO SEE A DENTIST!

What happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?

As a dentist I can assure you that antibiotics will help reduce the infection, but an abscess never really goes away until the tooth is fixed. Depending on how bad the infection is and how large i... Read More »

Can you really die from an abscess tooth?

Yes you can...any infection, left untreated, can spread to other parts of the body where it cannot be easily eradicated and cause overall fevers, bad reactions, increased heart rates, and death.

How do you know if you have an abscess tooth Symptoms?

I don't think it's an abscess because you're not in pain. If there is any swelling of the face then I would definitely go to your dentist immediately! If not, you might just want to watch it and ... Read More »