Why are your pygmy palm leaves yellow?

Answer One or two yellow leaves near the bottom of the pygmy palm (Phoenix roebelenii) canopy are probably just natural aging. Yellow at the top of the canopy or involving large numbers of lower leaves co... Read More »

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What Makes Palm Leaves Yellow in Gardening?

There are several reasons a palm tree may develop yellow leaves or fronds. Several of these are due to common nutrient deficiencies in the soil. There are few palm diseases that cause yellowing; th... Read More »

How do I trim yellow leaves off of a potted palm tree?

PreparationExercise caution. Palm tree leaves can be sharp, and some potted palms have prickles or spines. Wear gloves and long sleeves. Disinfect your tools. Plant diseases travel readily from an ... Read More »

How do I prune a pygmy date palm?

PruningPrune pygmy date palms periodically to maintain health and a desired appearance. Remove dead palm leaves with pruning shears, being careful to avoid the sharp thorns of surrounding healthy l... Read More »

Pygmy Date Palm Information?

Pygmy date palms (Rhoenix roebelenii) are dwarf palms that are commonly used throughout tropical climates as an ornamental tree. This member of the Arecaceae family is typically used in residential... Read More »