Why are you up at this time in the morning?

Answer I'm a night owl. (Hoot hoot) And I'm trying to get to the next level with my points! :D

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What time did you wake up this morning ?

my dog woke me at 8:30 but usually i sleep til about 12:30 during winter break. how about you?

Sore on my top lip...on my lip line and woke up this morning with this please help!?

Cold sores are a virus , you don't have to have a boyfriend to contract one and virginity has nothing to do with it . It probably is a cold sore that you have and it would be advisablee to buy or a... Read More »

When I got out of bed this morning my NOSE fell off, what could be the cause of this?

It's much more likely to be a case of your face falling off your nose - the glue melted because you left the electric blanket on - and why am I bothering with this rubbish ! ! !

I'm so depressed because of this!! HELP ME PLEASE!! Is it okay do me to do this from time to time?

I googled around for a bit trying to find what damages Double eyelid tape can do, it seems can dry out and damage your skin a bit if you have sensitive skin, but it doesn't say anything about wrink... Read More »