Why is it taking so long to get pregnant?

Answer It takes some couples longer to get pregnant than others. Some may need to see fertility specialists. Before doing that, however, understand why it may be harder for you to get pregnant. You may be... Read More »

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Why is it taking me so long to lose fat?

Fat, particularily that around the abdomen area (waist), is very difficult to move. In fact, in order to lose 1lb of fat you need to burn 3500 calories more than you take in. Sounds impossible but ... Read More »

How long do the headaches last from taking Propecia?

On One Hand: Headaches Generally BriefHeadaches are one of the less common or rare side effects that may be caused by taking Propecia, a brand name for finasteride. During the clinical trials of Pr... Read More »

Thumbnail taking long to upload?

Hello!Your thumbnail will appear after the video you have uploaded has fully uploaded and been processed.

Why is it taking so long to cook this macaroni!?

It's a good thing the macaroni did not pop like popcorns since you forgot to put water into the pot. Just make sure the water boils first before putting your macaroni. Stir and cover the lid. When ... Read More »