Why are you so tired during pregnancy?

Answer Because you are building a whole person in there! It's a lot of hard work despite it seeming like your doing nothing at all. Try taking short naps, eating regularly and staying hydrated.

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Is always being tired a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, that is how I figured out that I was preg. I was taking a nap and still going to bed early.

Is being tired a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not usually, with pregnancy its usually the opposite way around, you are more tired. But then again people have different sympotoms. if you suspect you could be pregnant, which means you ha... Read More »

Is being tired and sleepy part of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, it is one of the many signs of pregnancy.

Is feeling very tired all day for over a week a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It's a sign but not the only sign. If you're wondering if your pregnant and it is causing stress you may hav a harder time sleeping at night which will make you tired. Please see your heal... Read More »