Why are you required to sign your credit card?

Answer Credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for purchases without having to carry cash, count change or write checks. Using a credit card requires you to agree to the terms set forth by the credit c... Read More »

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Is a credit card required to rent a car?

Policies and requirements for renting a car vary from agency to agency. Some rental car companies will allow customers to rent a car without a credit card, provided they have a debit card with whic... Read More »

Should you sign a credit card?

On One Hand: Sign the CardAlmost all credit card issuers print the words "not valid unless signed" right above the signature space on a credit card. A merchant is technically required to reject an ... Read More »

Is a credit card required for hotel check-in?

Most hotels require a credit card for check-in, even if the room is paid for in full in advance. This gives the hotel access to your funds to cover damages or additional charges after you have chec... Read More »

Is a credit card required to be signed on the back?

On One Hand: For Card ValidationAccording to Visa and MasterCard customer agreements, a credit card is not valid unless the back is signed by the customer. If a merchant sees a card that is unsigne... Read More »