Why are you not supposed to use your thumb when searching for someone's pulse?

Answer We all have a slight pulse in our thumb some more so than others . So some people who have a strong pulse, may by using their thumb to take someones else's pulse they may be feeling their own puls... Read More »

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Does the thumb have a different pulse then your body?

Why shouldn't you use the thumb to check pulse rate?

because the thumb has a pulse as wellEDIT: The above is correct, and the problem is that you could accidentally be counting your own pulse you are feeling in your thumb, instead of the patient you ... Read More »

Thumb Up, Thumb Down. What Are Your Top 5 Baby Names?

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I burnt my thumb on my straightener this morning and now i have a gross white bubble, am i supposed to pop it?

Nope, just put on some burn cream, cover it with a bandaid, and leave it alone.