Why are you not supposed to mix two brands of batteries in one device?

Answer You can mix brands that use the same type of battery such as Energizer and Duracell alkaline batteries. What you cannot mix is different types of batteries such as an alkaline battery mixed with a... Read More »

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Can you use recharagebale batteries and regular batteries in the same device?

Mixing battery types is a bad idea. They will work together until the one storing the least amount of energy becomes fully depleted. At that point the others will still be forcing a current to flow... Read More »

Is there a difference between rechargeable batteries of different brands?

I think there are a light difference in quality but it isn't a big deal. Buy the same type of original ones and forget the brand name.

Do you notice any difference with salon brands vs. store brands of hair products?

Pantene ROCKS. I love it. I have used goldwell, joico and a few other salon brands and I think out of them all pantene is the best for my hair, but hairdressers say it is bad and wrecks your hair f... Read More »

There are so many small-name brands of video cards; which brands make good cards and which should be avoided?

There are plenty of good brands and plenty of bad brands. For Nvidia cards good brands include but are not limited to:BFG Tech, eVGA, Leadtek, Gigabyte, MSI, XFXI don't have as much experience with... Read More »