Why are you not supposed to lift your hands above your head while pregnant?

Answer Answer This is an old wives tale. You can lift your hands above your head.

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Can you get pregnant while on your fourth day period and the boy ejaculated and you've touched his penis but on your clothes on then you touched your underwear inside without washing your hands?

Is it okay to reach above your head when you are 37 weeks pregnant?

answer You have obviously heard the old wives tale that the baby will become tangled in its cord. This is a load of nonsense, the baby in the uterus is totally isolated from the rest of your muscl... Read More »

Is it safe to take your pill on the week your supposed to have your period can you still get pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello.If you continue to take BC... Read More »

When you yawn do you put your hands behind your head?

Hahahahaha yes, sometimes or have a really good stretch.