Why are you looking at the computer screen ?

Answer because I'm gaining another two points from your question!!

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How long should people be looking at the computer screen?

The truth is, even if you stare at your computer every day, for long periods, this just causes eye strain.When you get eye strain, it may cause headaches or even nausea, but no real long term effec... Read More »

Does looking at a computer screen damage your sight?

yes it leads to damage. but its not to the extend of blindness. SO if your using it alot try going to the doctor for checkup

Can looking at the computer screen too much damage your eyes?

Yes, it may result to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Asthenopia.Third link is how to avoid Computer eyestrain.

Am looking for an easy way to remove limescale from a glass shower screen and to keep the screen clean?

We have the same problem on our basin as well, as we have a glass sink and tap. I find that rubbing a fresh lemon or lime (cut in half) on to the area - seems to get rid of it and then rinse off wi... Read More »