Why are you feeling sick every night with a bad back and stomach pains?

Answer it can mean anything might be pg, your having or starting your period, you might have the flu or stomach flu.

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Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?

Is a tight feeling in your stomach and sharp pains in your pelvic area as well as sensitive stomach to smells an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Sensitive to smells is a definite sign of pregnancy. Craps and pains could be pregnancy, but could also be your period.Take a test to be sure.

So lately I've been feeling sick to my stomach?

Why am I feeling nausea every night!?

You may have had a high sugar/carb supper and the insulin levels came up to take care of the sugars. Now the sugars are gone and the insulin is still up. It is called hypoglycemia.I would suggest... Read More »