Why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?

Answer most of the time it's because of your hormones i get that way to and you don't have to be on your period to have them either.

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Crying it out ?

My 8 month old does not sleep through the night every night either because she is breastfed, but I would never let her CIO. CIO is cruel and unnecessary. Your son waking up has nothing to do wit... Read More »

Is men crying girly?

Is crying bad for the baby?

Crying is natural. It usually means that the baby needs/wants something. Food and comfort are the two main reason an infant cries.

I am sad and crying a lot because....¿?

Amy Winehouse has been dead for quite a while now. She was not healthy. She died of an overdose and had many mental issues. She was an amazing singer, nonetheless. I really enjoyed her music myself... Read More »