Why are you craving vinegar during pregnancy?

Answer Would you really like to know why you really crave vinegar during pregnency? Well it is because your body craves all types of foods and vinegar is the most popular thing to crave in its strange way... Read More »

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I have been craving vinegar, hay and rabbit dumplings, am I pregnant?

Well look who decided to show up to the Yahoo Convention after a weekend filled with carousing and womanizing...You would be so lucky to be impregnated. ...But it's just gas.

I am craving balsamic vinegar. Would it be okay to marinade a london broil in it Are the flavors too strong?

Sounds good to me. Although I could put my secret sauce on it and I am sure that would taste a lot better.

Are craving pickles a sign of pregnancy?

Not specifically, though cravings and aversions are common in pregnancy. You'll usually have other indications before those start, though.

Is craving red meat during pregnancy normal?

When you're pregnant, you are naturally anemic. So the beef craving makes sense. Answer Even vegetarian moms occasionally will want red meat, particularly beef, during pregnancy. This may be due... Read More »