Why are you awake so early?

Answer My kids are up and off to school, I need some happy thoughts as i sip my morning coffee. Good Morning!!!

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How to Keep Yourself Awake So You Don't Go to Bed Early?

Whether you want to stay up to watch a movie or need to change your sleeping schedule, staying awake through your regular bedtime can be difficult. However, when you occupy your mind and keep your ... Read More »

My new job requires me to wake up early, how do I stay awake?

Go to bed early and you won't need anything to stay awake.

If i have to get up early for an appointment, does it help to go to bed early the night before?

If your first child was born early will the next one be early too?

Answer Not necessarily, each pregnancy and delivery is different. Answer no sometimes there are reasons for a early delivery and maybe there was a reason for the baby coming it has nothing to do ... Read More »