Why always when someone yawns another one nearby also yawns, is it infectious, anybody can tell me.?

Answer I just yawned...

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Is cancer contageous?

What are contageous diseases?

A contagious disease is a subset category of infectious diseases (or communicable diseases), which are easily transmitted by physical contact (hence the name-origin) with the person suffering the d... Read More »

Is pink eye contageous?

Most cases of contagious pinkeye are a type of viral conjunctivitis, a viral infection involving the moist tissue layer that covers the eye and lines the inner eyelids. The eyeball itself is usuall... Read More »

How come if someone yawns near you and you see it, you yawn too?

my health teacher told us that people yawn because there is a lack of oxygen in the room, so if your friend yawns, then that means you both have the same lack of oxygen, hence you would yawn

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