Why are writing skills important in business?

Answer The ability to write clear and correct prose is a vital skill in business. Writing forms the crux of much business communication and emails are now ubiquitous. Poor writing reflects badly on you an... Read More »

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Why are good organization skills important to writing effective business messages?

Among the ways to communicate within a business environment, writing messages is a most effective choice. As the need to write business messages is a necessity, organizational skills will enhance e... Read More »

Why are listening skills important?

Listening skills rate among the most neglected studies in modern education practice. Without highly developed listening skills, most people pay little attention to what others are saying, even in ... Read More »

Important Organizational Skills?

Organizational skills require constant awareness, commitment to your goals and adhering to a routine or system you set up for yourself to follow. They can benefit anyone from blue-collar workers t... Read More »

Writing Skills for a GED?

Writing skills for the GED (General Education Diploma) tests include both a series of multiple-choice questions and an essay. To pass the multiple choice section, choose the best corrections, revis... Read More »