Why are women's breasts always swollen?

Answer They are?SteveC

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How can you tell if your breasts are swollen ?

It sounds like you could possibly be pregnant, but you can't tell for sure until you take a home pregnancy test and/or visit your doctor. Start with a home pregnancy test, they're easy to find at a... Read More »

Why are your breasts tender and swollen?

This varies- can be period or pregnancy or many other things. See your doc.

Can bladder problems cause swollen breasts?

Bladder problems, or bladder infections, are a serious medical problem that have symptoms such as a frequent urge to urinate, uncomfortable pressure near the pubic bone and sometimes a fever. Swoll... Read More »

Im 16 and i think i am breasts are swollen and the bottom of my back aches i dont know what 2do?