Why are women posting inches as their facebook status and then a :-(?

Answer I'll just let you into a little secret.. This is what I got forwarded.. Hello Girlies... day 3 of the 'breast cancer game' thanx to those who have played along. Today all day I want you to put the... Read More »

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Why are some people posting "No one" or "Nobody" as their status on Facebook?

I don't get what you mean? I don't see that. Maybe it's cuz they're stupid and want attention or something.

Why are people posting numbers on there facebook status?

1) they are desperate and want a date.2) they love telemarketers.3) they want you to ask questions.

Why are my Facebook friends posting colors for their status?

people are not only doing this to support breast cancer awareness, but before posting your bra color, you're supposed to do a quick exam on yourself. this DOES promote awareness and having your fri... Read More »

My 23 y/o son is a facebook contact. How traumatic would it be if I changed my status to "is getting 10 inches?

Omg pls do, I wanna see it all unfold. Pls pls pls. I could change mine to. Is very wet, it's been raining all afternoon