Why are women more emotional?

Answer It's true that women are more prone to crying than men, at least after they reach puberty. Women have more of the prolactin hormone, which contributes to tears and how much people cry. There also i... Read More »

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How to Use the Emotional Progression Model to Pick up Women?

The discovery that the phases of the Emotional Progression Model (developed by Nick Savoy, of Love Systems) should be accomplished in a specific order had a surprising benefit, beyond bringing our ... Read More »

Physical or Emotional Which hurts more?

Physical or Emotional? Which hurts more?>>In general, emotional pain hurts alot more than physical pain does,n especially if you're a fragile and/or weak-minded individual and you're inflicted with... Read More »

Why is it that women tend to feel the cold more than women?

Men's bodies, on the whole, metabolize and maintain homeostasis (internal furnace in the winter, internal AC in the summer) better than women's do. It's something we needed during the caveman days,... Read More »

Why does emotional pain hurt more than psychical?

I don't know, I know when your in emotional pain it feels like someone then torn you heart out from the inside out. That something that hurts like hell even though I have never been there LOL. I do... Read More »