What causes the most accidents on the roads speed ,slow drivers or women drivers?

Answer Inattention to the task at hand. Talking on the phone, painting nails, shaving, reading, eating, drinking, smoking, etc. takes up space in a driver's mind, and leaves no room for calculation when ... Read More »

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Women Drivers?

My job is 85% on the road and I totally agree. And then its parking (need I say more)But saying that there are some very good female drivers.Women are more heasit then men and that alown is is bad ... Read More »

80% of women drivers do this more than men?

Why are most women bad drivers?

Most idiot drivers around the Philadelphia area are bigshot MEN on their cellphones. You just pay more attention to *women* drivers because you don't want to admit that MEN can be just as crappy at... Read More »

Are women drivers any good?

Some are good, and some are bad -just like any other group you want to put people in. My theory is that a person's personality will truthfully come out in the way a person drives. So depending up... Read More »