Why are women allowed to be topless on YouTube?

Answer I agree with you 100 percent. Why not make it a porno site, while thier at it? They KNOW there is kids on the site. Tons of them. And they can see this in just one click. That is not right!

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Why are women not allowed to be drafted in the military?

currently no one can be drafted in the military. there hasn't been a draft for over 30 yrs. although every male at the age of 18 has to register for selective service. not the draft

Are Islamic women allowed to get an education?

In many Islamic countries, women do not have the same access to education that men do. This is also true for many non-Islamic countries. Most Muslim scholars agree that the Quran actually encourage... Read More »

Are women allowed in the navy seals?

Not at all. Women arent allowed in combat in most military units. The Navy SEALs is a special group and has a reputation based from their history of being men only.

Are Japanese women allowed in combat?

Japan's Self Defense Forces (SDF) have traditionally not allowed women in combat, relegating them to support roles, according to United Press International (UPI). However, in 2009, the Japanese Mar... Read More »