Why are weeds bad in gardens?

Answer Weeds suck-up a lot of water. So your plants won't get as much water as they need. In the end they'll dieThe main reasion is that weeds rob the other plants of nutrients that they need to thrive. i... Read More »

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How can I fortify my flower gardens against weeds?

1) Plant perennials, and plant them close together so they will choke out the weeds.2) Mulch REALLY deeply so that the weeds will not have enough sunlight to grow.3) Please do NOT use chemicals ... Read More »

How do I keep weeds& grass out of vegetable gardens?

Cultivate for plantingTurn and loosen garden soil with hoe to create a level seedbed. Remove all weeds and their roots before planting vegetables. This is particularly important for weeds with deep... Read More »

How to Keep Weeds & Grass Out of Vegetable Gardens?

Weeds and unwanted grass are the bane of every gardener, especially when they begin to encroach on a treasured vegetable garden. While some gardeners prefer the tried-and-true method of hand pullin... Read More »

Where do i start with a brand new yard no grass just dirt and weeds There are weeds everywhere!?

First kill the weeds. Chemical like Roundup (not a ground sterilizing chemical) or cover with plastic for a few weeks - will kill all. Next rototill. You MUST have good soil under the sod so grass ... Read More »