Why are weed plants pulled out?

Answer We pull them out because we mistakenly think that by getting them out by their roots that they won't grow back. In actuality, if you mow them down and rake them up before they flower, you won't get... Read More »

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Flowering Weed Plants?

A weed grows in any area where it is not wanted. When plants from other areas become relocated, either accidentally or on purpose, many prosper and spread. Some of these plants integrate well with ... Read More »

When is the best time to cut weed plants?

Like many more desirable plants, weed plants can produce a very large crop of seeds. Therefore, these plants should be cut before they go to seed. This will prevent you from inadvertently dispersin... Read More »

Bishop's Weed Plants?

Bishop's weed (Aegopodium podagraria), also called goutweed, is sometimes considered to be an ornamental plant and sometimes an invasive weed. It can spread quickly by underground runners and by se... Read More »

How to Recognise Weed Plants in New Zealand?

Plants that were once garden delights can become the enemy of native bush and biodiversity when they escape and take over non-urban environments. You can do your part by removing problem plants fro... Read More »