Why are weather balloons made of flexible latex material?

Answer Weather balloons must be made from a flexible latex material to cope with the changing conditions they encounter as they rise through the Earth's atmosphere.Purpose of a Weather BalloonA weather ba... Read More »

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What are latex balloons made of?

Latex balloons are made from latex. Latex is a liquid rubber that comes from either natural sources or is man-made. Natural latex is used to create balloons. Natural latex is sap from the rubber tr... Read More »

What are weather balloons made of?

Weather balloons are made from a variety of materials. Rubber weather balloons are designed to expand and burst after data is collected. Polyethylene plastic balloons are made for high-altitude dat... Read More »

Alternatives for Latex Balloons?

Natural latex rubber, while the most common material used in the manufacture of balloons, is also, unfortunately, a common allergen. If you or someone you love has a latex sensitivity, you can stil... Read More »

How long do latex balloons last?

Eleven-inch latex balloons last between 12 to 20 hours filled with helium, and about 2 to 3 days when treated with Hi-Float, a liquid protective coating. Air-filled balloons usually last for a coup... Read More »