Why are water heaters glass lined?

Answer Water-heater tanks are made of steel. Steel that's in constant contact with water---especially hot water---will corrode quickly, so water-heater manufacturers usually line their tanks with glass.Li... Read More »

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What are the pros/cons of tank-less gas water heaters (vs. traditional heaters)?

The tankless ones cost about 3 times what a regular water heater does.

New Vs. Old Water Heaters?

The water heater is a home appliance that continues to evolve. However, people are still purchasing the older water heater models. Then, there are those who go after the newer models. Since both mo... Read More »

Why do we have hot water heaters?

You don't have a hot water heater. You have a water heater. To heat water.

How do gas water heaters work?

While gas and electric water heaters both have benefits and disadvantages, only a gas water heater will continue to work if your power goes out because it gets its power from a gas line, rather tha... Read More »