Why are viruses not living organisms?

Answer Viruses are similar to single-celled organisms in structure, but means of reproduction differentiate the two and indicate that viruses are not living organisms.CellsAll living organisms are formed ... Read More »

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How are viruses similar to living organisms?

Whether viruses actually live remains a controversial issue. Viruses have only some characteristics of living organisms, but they lack many others. They seem to live, act alive, or survive only whe... Read More »

Does Venus have living organisms?

Investigations have found that conditions on the surface of Venus cannot sustain life, notes SolStation, an online source of astronomy information. However, microbial organisms might be able to sur... Read More »

What Are the Four Properties of Living Organisms?

Deciphering whether an object is living or not generally is an easy task. However, some organisms can be tricky to classify. For example, the leaf on a tree is considered living while still attache... Read More »

What Are the Ten Characteristics of Living Organisms?

Within the world there are millions of living things, but deciding what classifies an organism as living or dead is a task. Understanding the characteristics that classify living things is importan... Read More »