Why are viruses not living organisms?

Answer Viruses are similar to single-celled organisms in structure, but means of reproduction differentiate the two and indicate that viruses are not living organisms.CellsAll living organisms are formed ... Read More »

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How are viruses similar to living organisms?

Whether viruses actually live remains a controversial issue. Viruses have only some characteristics of living organisms, but they lack many others. They seem to live, act alive, or survive only whe... Read More »

Are corals living organisms?

According to the Coral Reef Alliance, coral is made up of tiny animals called coral polyps. The hard rock-like substance is the accumulation of the skeletons left behind when the polyps die.Referen... Read More »

10 Organisms Living in the Desert Biome?

The desert is a place of wide variety and vast array of life. Many plants and animals have adapted to the specific challenges for survival that the desert biome presents. Animals adopt certain col... Read More »

Classifications of Living Organisms in the Six Kingdoms?

In the past, all living things comprised two categories -- plants and animals. Organisms that remained stationary were classified as plants, while animals comprised all living things that had the a... Read More »