Why are vegetables called produce?

Answer Answer Vegetables are called Produce because they are part of the tropic level "Producers", which convert solar energy into chemical energy (sugars). Answer farmers "produce" goods for sale

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Why Are Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Sprinkled With Water in Produce Markets?

Many fruits and vegetables are sensitive to the temperature and moisture of their environment. After transportation in climate-controlled containers and vehicles to wholesalers and retailers, keepi... Read More »

Do decaying vegetables produce more gas than decaying fruits?

Both fruits and vegetables give off a gas called ethylene when they break down. Different fruits and vegetables break down and emit this gas at different rates; however, fruits tend to emit more g... Read More »

What are the all yellow vegetables called?

Answer The color of a vegetable does not necessarily put it into a specific group. Most yellow vegetables happen to be in the squash family, but I'm sure there are exceptions. A yellow pepper, for ... Read More »

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