Why are tvs not going to work without cable ?

Answer because tv are going DIGITAL!!! better picture and they will work you will need a converter box or get a tv wilh the converter already in it.

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I bought a direct tv dvr box at a wharehouse store I am canceling direct tv and going to cable will this box work to record shows once the cable is on or is this box worthless without direct?

Do HDTV's work without cable?

Yes, you can connect an antenna to it and receiver OTA digital signals.

Can an Ethernet cable work without a clip?

An Ethernet cable can work without the clip, but the problem lies with the ease at which the cable can slip out of the connection. For this reason, it's not a good idea to use Ethernet cables that ... Read More »

Will an analog TV work without a cable box after 2009?

After 2009, the analog TV will only work without a cable box if you have a digital converter box hooked up to the TV. Analog TVs that are receiving a signal through cable or satellite dish do not n... Read More »