How do I plant green fig trees?

Answer Choose a place to plant the green fig tree. The locatino should be cleared of weeds, have at least six hours of full sun and should not be near any large trees. The soil should have good drainage a... Read More »

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How do i start green ash trees?

Plant OutdoorsPlant seeds from green ash trees outside in the fall right after they fall from the tree. Mulch heavily with straw over the winter and seedlings will emerge in the spring.Start Indoor... Read More »

Kinds of Trees With Little Green Berries?

Trees with green berries often attract wildlife to the landscape and provide food and shelter for birds. Green-fruiting trees grow in a range of heights, textures and forms, and can be evergreen or... Read More »

Green Caterpillars on Cherry Trees?

Cherry trees host a number of caterpillars. There are hundreds of different kinds of green caterpillars, but they don't all present a danger to the tree. Knowing your larvae lets you determine whic... Read More »

Why Do Pine Trees Stay Green?

Pine trees, like all evergreens, have evolved to cope with cold, dry climates without losing their leaves. There may only be about 115 species of pines, but they make up for it with their ubiquity ... Read More »